Commercial Applications

We have built ShapeScale to enable new, magical applications around the human body. Whilst the first step on our journey is to create a superior customer experience, we have not forgotten about You, the business users either! We know that there are endless commercial opportunities that lie ahead of ShapeScale and that will come to reality in the future. Therefore, we are currently working on our API to make these applications possible as soon as we can. We are also seeking partners who will help us distribute and re-sell ShapeScale. If you are interested in partnering with us, please register in your corresponding section! Understand that we may not contact you to directly after receiving your registration.

Fitness clubs

Athletes / Coaches


We are working on a ShapeScale that suits the needs of fitness and nutrition professionals and can be used in commercial settings. If you are interested in using ShapeScale in any related area, please sign up by filling in the form below.


Fashion Brands



We have built ShapeScale with the fashion industry in mind. It is one of the reasons why we are capturing a photorealistic texture, so users will be able to see themselves in virtual fitting rooms. If you are interested in using ShapeScale for fashion, clothing or e-commerce purposes, please sign up by filling in the form below.


Plastic Surgery

Design / ergonomics


Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality


There are many other applications that would take advantage of the data captured by ShapeScale. Please fill in the form below and impress us with your own application ideas.





If you would like to partner with us for ShapeScale's distribution or retail, please sign up by filling in the form below.


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