Our mission

Our mission at Shape is to empower individuals to take control of their health and wellness through innovative technology. We strive to create a world where tracking and monitoring physical fitness is effortless, accurate, and accessible to all. By bridging the gap between the human body and technology, we aim to revolutionize the way people understand and improve their health. With a commitment to design, engineering, and data science, we are dedicated to pushing boundaries and delivering products that inspire and improve lives.

Our Team

Origin Story


It was a turning point for our CEO, Alex, when he found himself facing an unexpected challenge. After moving to China and indulging in the country’s carb-rich cuisine, he found himself with a weight problem. But it wasn’t until his wife jokingly asked if he was pregnant that he realized something needed to change. Determined to get back in shape, Alex embarked on a rigorous diet and exercise regime, tracking his progress with a connected scale.

To his surprise, after two weeks of hard work, the scale showed a weight gain of four pounds. Initially frustrated, Alex soon realized that the scale was not accurately reflecting the changes in his body. He had actually transformed his body composition, replacing fat with lean muscle. He finally understood that muscle weighs more than fat and takes up less space, leading to the weight gain. It was a pivotal moment for Alex and the inspiration behind the creation of ShapeScale.


It quickly became evident to Alex that traditional methods of tracking progress, such as body weight, were limited in their ability to accurately reflect the changes in the body. He recognized the need for a more comprehensive approach that would measure not only weight, but also the changes in shape, surface, and volume.

This realization is one that is familiar to many of us, as we struggle to understand the changes in our bodies over time. We look in the mirror, wondering how we have changed in the past week, month, or year.

The ability to accurately measure body shape opens up a world of possibilities, not only in fitness, sports, and healthcare, but also in fashion, e-commerce, games, augmented and virtual reality.

They support us

Shape is proud to have the support of some of the leading investors in the tech industry. Our company has received investment and support from prominent startup accelerators, including Y Combinator and StartX, which have a long history of supporting and nurturing innovative startups. In addition, we are backed by firms such as Alsop Louie Partners and the Rebel Fund. These organizations have a proven track record of backing game-changing startups and have invested in ShapeScale due to their confidence in our team and product.